The power of innovation

ElamTech is a multidisciplinary startup dedicated to making people’s lives easier by inventing and manufacturing unique products. By combining creative product design, broad technical understanding and extensive engineering and manufacturing know-how, we efficiently take products from concept to prototype and full production.

Our breakthrough product in the construction world will revolutionize the way construction workers use fastener bolts with nuts. This efficient new patented product dramatically cuts construction time and costs over use of the standard bolts, which require three different steps: drilling a pilot hole slightly larger than the fastener diameter, inserting the fastener and manually tightening the nut on the other side, and then tightening the fastener with an electric screwdriver. These 3 steps – as used by millions of construction workers worldwide – waste precious time, and also result in inaccuracies, damage, and physical wear and tear.

ElamTech’s solution is the RAM Fastener – a self drilling hex fastener with a unique patented nut that completes all three actions at once: drilling with RAM Fastener, inserting the nut on the other side while keeping pressure on the nut, and using the drill until the fastener is tightened.

It’s as simple and efficient as that – 3 steps in 1, saving a lot of time, a lot of manpower, and a whole lot of money.

Ami Hen

Contractor and Chief Installer with more than 10 years of experience in construction, specializing in aluminum, including leading prestigious projects in dozens of cities all over Israel, including buildings, government offices, and more.

Elchan Yirmayev

Professional programmer, 3d modeler, and draftsman, responsible for developing the prototype from the planning to the manufacturing stage. Expert in laser, 3d modeling, and CNC technologies, with a resume of work with large companies such as Rafael, Elbit, and Tamar Group.

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