“RAM” Fastener & Nut

The cornerstone of ELAM-TECH company

The Problem:

Every day millions of workers in projects all around the world use standard fasteners bolts with nuts.

These fasteners require three actions:

  1. Drilling a pilot hole slightly larger than the fastener diameter, with a proper electric drill.
  2. Inserting the fastener to the hole and manually tightening the nut on the other side.
  3. Finally, tightening the fastener with a proper electric screwdriver.

These steps waste precious time resulting in inaccuracies, damage, and physical wear of equipment.

The Solution:

RAM Fastener – Self drilling hex fastener with a unique nut (Patented in most of the advanced countries in the world) that can complete all three actions at once, by drilling a pilot hole that slightly larger than the threads diameter and a nut that is easily fit the fastener, thus reducing all three steps into one.

Drilling with RAM Fastener in one motion, inserting the nut on the other side while keeping pressure on the nut using the drill until the fastener is tightened.

Worldwide patent

“RAM” Fastener is patent registered in most of the advanced countries in the world

Various Applications

“RAM” Fastener has uses in many areas like construction, various industries, Solar Fields, agriculture structures and more

Money saving

“RAM” fastener saves 60% and more of the work time compared to a standard Fastener. which means significant savings in expenses

Time saving

Faster project completion thus cutting in expenses and increasing costumers satisfaction, Less expenses – large savings

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